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Vision and Mission

Our commitment and goal to the Profession of Pharmacy are to train health care professionals to support our national goal of 'Health For All', and become an active player in contributing to discovery of innovative solutions to human misery and to promote health. To this end...

  • We provide high quality educational training to our students and develop them into first class pharmacists to contribute to the society.
  • We conduct extension / awareness programs in pharmacy related areas of vital and topical interest for the benefit of the society and the practicing pharmacists.
  • We strive in every way to promote the image of our profession.
  • We have put our hearts into creating first class facilities in our institute to truly reflect our motto "Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan Sukhaya".

Vision and Mission Of Our Pharmacy Department

Vision :

  • Preparing diploma students to become, the next generation of advanced Practitioner, Educator & Scientists.
  • An inter professional approach to create change in our health care system to benefit students.

Mission :

  • To educate students to become trained pharmacist who will provide comprehensive patient care while advancing pharmaceutical knowledge.
  • To motivate students to become an important member of health care team.