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Facilities :

 > Science Laboratory

>  To carry experiments based on NCERT curriculum

>  To foster high order thinking skills in children and to seek answer

>  and think scientifically

>  Well-equipped laboratory set-up in order to gain practical

>  experienced by personally handling and performing the experiments

> Computer Laboratory

>  Full-fledged lab with modern processors and latest educational

>  Software 24 hours Internet Facility

>  Compulsory computer education right from Kindergarten

>  (KG classes)

>  Provision of PC separately for every student

> Interactive Digital Boards

>  To improve teacher's effectiveness and productivity

>  To bring abstract and difficult curriculum concept to life

>  To make learning an enjoyable experience

>  To enable multi-sensory learning in classrooms

>  To improve academic performance of students

> Library

>  Well-furnished library with number of books for reference and reading pleasure

>  Periodicals/Journals/ Magazines available in addition to National newspapers.

>  Educational CD's / DVD's for ready reference.


Horse-Riding to develop Courage the students