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Rules & Regulation :


>  Attendance on the first day of school after any vacation is compulsory.

>  Any communication from the parents shall be entered only on the page provided for the parents in the calendar.

>  Instructions/Notices sent by the teacher or the Head of the School must be acknowledged by the parent and shown to the class teacher on the following day by the pupil.

>  Gift or any demonstration to the teacher by the pupil on any occasion is strictly forbidden.

>  Pupils must not carry any valuable articles or money to school as school authorities will not be responsible for the loss of the same.

>  Any damage caused to the school property by the pupil shall be viewed seriously and may result in termination of the pupil from school besides recovery of monetary compensation from the parents.

>  Pupils must not leave the school premises earlier than schedule without permission from the Head of the School.

>  Pupils must take proper care of the Progress Card issued after every examination. If it is found to be in improper condition a new card will be issued after recovering monetary compensation.

>  Pupils must carry their calendars and Identity card daily to school.

>  Pupils coming late to school without genuine reasons shall not be allowed to attend the school.