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Departments of Botany


Department of Botany was established in the year 1991 was nourished & developed under the able leaderships of several renowned Botanists of the institution. Noticeably, Dr. S. P. Kahairnar, Dr. S. B. Shisode, Dr. D. G. Kapadnis, Dr. J. T. Jadhav, Dr. M. D. Ahire who has served the students since June 1991 as the faculty member.

The faculty members have extended their services as N.S.S. Assistant Programme Officers and YCMOU Coordinator and also take active part in extracurricular activities of the college. The department has organized state level seminar for college teachers on "Environmental awareness". Dr. D.G. Jadhav also helping in the academic administrative work as Vice Principal of the college.

The Department has its own computers with internet facility, a digital library with a collection of the latest editions of over 250 books, a rich collection of research/ review papers from scientific journals. The department of Botany organizes field trips as per the curriculum of University. The department has started issue of textbooks for economically weaker students. The teachers regularly attend state, national and international seminars and conferences to update their knowledge.


  • Spacious laboratory with modern equipments like
  • The Botanical garden and Rose Garden of the Department has remained as the unique identity among the city.
  • Both faculty members are Ph.D. degree holders.
  • The personal books of faculty members are issued to needy, poor rank holder students.
  • The department has been known for its research contributions in the field of Taxonony, Phytodiversity, Ecology, Mycology and Plant Pathology.
  • Botanical research conducted in the department has contributed significantly to our understanding of Flora of East Nashik District through the inventory and completed project on biodiversity and ecology.
  • The faculty member has completed one minor research projects funded by University Grant Commission.


Dr. D.G. Jadhav

M.Sc. (Mycology & Pathology), Ph.D. (Botany)

Dr. S. P. Khairnar

M.Sc. Ph.D.(Angiosperm Taxonomy), Ph.D. (Botany)
Associate Professor

Extension service

  • Maintainance of Botanical Garden
  • Maintainance of Rose garden
  • Mushroom cultivation Training for needy students.

Ongoing/ Completed Projects :


Name of Teacher

Title of the Project

Amount Sanctioned





Dr. S. P. Khairnar

Ethnomedicinal plants of Nashik






Dr. D. G. Jadhav

Diversity & Ecology of Nashik Dist. forest





Future plans

  • To introduce multidisciplinary especially, Horticulture, Tissue Culture and Mushroom cultivation Training centre through career oriented programme.
  • To develop a modern botanical garden for medicinal and rare plants in college premises.
  • To avail the grant of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India to setup a botanical garden for rare and endangered plant species found in Western Ghat Region of India.