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Departments of English


The age old English department was established in 1969.  Since its establishment courses on general as well as special level in English were taught on U.G. Level effectively.  A total number of teachers were three.  The concerned teachers are not only teaching the courses well but counseling the students also.  They enthusiastically create awareness of English language as well as literature among students.  They tried to inculcate language skills among them.  A special attention was paid on the development of specking skill of the students.  Remedial coaching was effectively implemented for the improvement of English in weak students.  At the same time career coaching was helping students to achieve their goals. 


  • English has been taught on U.G.level (General and Special level)
  • Language skills development programme are implemented for students.
  • Spoken English practice is given to the students.
  • Competitions such as essay, poetry, articles writing arranged for improving writing of the students.
  • For all rounded development of the student’s presentation, G.D. practices are also given attention.
  • Counseling for career advancement.


Prof. Jondhale Jalinder Punjaji

M.A. (Associate Professor )

Prof. Kakhandki Kavita Shashikant

M.A.(Assistant Professor )

Prof. Ahire Milind Madhukar

M.A. SET PGCTE, PGDTE(Assistant Professor )

Extension Service

  • Coaching & Counseling for career guidance
  • Innovative Practices
  • Mock-Interview
  • Visit to library to understand the module of function.
  • Organization of Quiz-contest related to syllabus.

Future plans

  • To develop separate departmental library and reading room for dept.