Salient Features

  • More than 90% of the students belong to Agriculture background
  • The college has 13 departments in Arts, Science and Commerce Faculty and Post graduate course M.A. in Marathi,Hindi,Economics and M.Sc. in Chemistry
  • The college has support services like Library, Gymkhana, N.S.S., welfare Schemes for students, Internet etc.
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Streams - Art's

Junior College (XI & XII)

  1. Marathi
  2. English
  3. Economics
  4. Politics
  5. History
  6. Geography
  7. Co-Operation


This faculty offers 3 years integrated B. A. degree course. Following subjects are taught at special and general level in our college : 1.English 2.Marathi 3.Hindi 4.Economics 5.Geography(Gen) 6.History 7.Political science 8.English(optional)

F.Y.B.A. Course

Sanctioned student strength :- a) 1 to 360 (Grantable)  b) 361 to 480 (Non-grant)

Student seeking admission to F.Y.B.A. shall offer six subjects as follows :

  1. Subject in ‘Group A’ is compulsory.
  2. Student has to offer at least one subject from ‘Group B’.
  3. The student may offer any four subjects from ‘Group C to Group F’.
  4. Those who want to offer English at special level in S.Y.B.A. should offer optional English

along with compulsory English at F.Y.B.A.

The student shall follow the same pattern offered at S.Y.B.A. with same subjects.
The only thing that changes in the number combination is as follows :
1.Compulsory English                              2.Special paper No.3
3.special paper No.4                                 4.General paper no. 3
5.General subject                                      6.General subject

Selected at S.Y. level of same subject of the same special subject (Oral text for optional English) selected at S.Y. level other than special subject.

T.Y.B.A. Course

(Sanctioned Student Strength : 120)
  1. Compulsory English
  2. Special Paper No. 3 (S3) ( Of the same special subject Selected at S.Y. Level)
  3. Special Paper No.( Of the same special subject Selected at S.Y. Level) 4 (S4)
  4. General Paper No. 3 (G3)( Of the same special subject Selected at S.Y. Level)
  5. General subject (Selected at S.Y. Level)
  6. General Subject (Other than special subject)

Post Graduate Courses (Non - Grant)

  1. M.A. Hindi
  2. M.A. Marathi
  3. M.A. Economics
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