Curricular & Co-Curricular Activities

Curriculum Related Seminars 2018-19

Sr.No. Date Name of the resource person Topic of Seminar/Workshop/ Discussion/Activity
1 Oct-2018

Dr.Omprakash G.Kulkarni

Dr.Pravin S.Wakte

Dr.Jitendra O.Bhangale

Dr.Shyam B.Prasad

Dr.Sanjay Jachak

Currernt scenario of Natural Product Stature in Commerce, Industry and Regulations.
2 Oct-2018 All Students of B.Pharm & M.Pharm Models Presentation For competition at MGV
3 Jan-2019 All Students of B.Pharm & M.Pharm Charts ,Flash cards, Models ,Puzzles Presentation For competition at MGV
4 Jan-2019 All Principals and Delegates of Nashik Region Pharmacy Council Of India Syllabus Orientation Workshop-2019
5 Feb-2019 Mr.Ulhas Karkhanis Career counseling
6 Mar-2019 Mr.Ulhas Karkhanis How to study GPAT Exam?

Co-curricular Events 2018-19

Date Event
24th - 25th Oct 2018 Two day SPPU sponsored- National Level Conference
7th to 13th Jan 2019 National Service Scheme week
14th to 21st Jan 2019 National Pharmacy Week Celebrations
25th Jan 2019 Inhouse - Chart /Model/Puzzle Competition
29th Jan 2019 PCI Syllabus Orientation Workshop
14th to 18th Feb 2019 Guest lecture-Entrepreneurship development-Mr. Paresh Chitnis -Personal Trainer and Developer. (Final yr students)/Speech on Shivaji Maharaj - Mr. Gaydhani

Seminars / Conferences Organized

Date Topic Sponsored by Co-ordinator
Sept 2001
(2 days)
6th Annual National Convention of APTI- Emergence in Pharmacy through Life Long Learning. MGV, Nashik & APTI Prof. V. M. Aurangabadkar
March 2005
(2 weeks)
A State level short term training program in special methods of teaching pharmacology NITTTR, Bhopal and DTE Dr. C. D. Upasani
March 2007
(1 day)
Workshop-Experimental Pharmacology MGV, Nashik Dr. S. B. Kasture
Jan 2008
(1 day)
Medicinal Chemistry in the new Millenium MGV, Nashik Dr. V. S. Kasture
Jan 2010
(1 day)
Workshop- Recent trends in Pharmaceutical Analysis SPPU, Pune Prof. S. R. Tambe
Prof. S. K. Mahajan
March 2012
(1 day)
Current Scenario, Challenges and opportunities in Pharmaceutical Sciences SPPU, Pune Prof. A. R. Rote
Prof. S. K. Mahajan
Dec 2014
(2 days)
Innovation; Stratergies and Globalization inPharmaceutical Sciences SPPU, Pune Dr. T. N. Lokhande and Mrs. D.L. Attarde
Oct 2015
(1 day)
Avishkar-2015 workshop SPPU, Pune Mr. M.S. Junagade
Jan 2016
(2 days)
Recent Trends in Pharmacology SPPU, Pune Prof. Mahalaxmi Mohan
Oct 2016
(1 day)
Recent trends in Chromatographic Techniques in collaboration with WATERS SPPU, Pune Mr. M.S. Junagade
Jan 2017
(2 days)
Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences SPPU, Pune Prof. Mahalaxmi Mohan
Oct 2017
(1 day)
Novel Experimental techniques in Pre-clinical Research. SPPU, Pune Prof. Mahalaxmi Mohan
Jan 2018
(2 days)
Current Trends Development and Advancement in Drug Delivery System SPPU, Pune Dr. R. R. Karmarkar
Oct 2018
(2 days)
Current scenario of Natural Product Stature in commerce, Industry and Regulation SPPU, Pune Dr. R. S. Bhambar
Dr. D. L. Attarde
Jan 2019
(1 day)
PCI Syllabus orientation workshop SPPU,Pune Dr. D. L. Attarde
Dr. T. N. Lokhande
  • Paper Publication : Students are encouraged to participate in various national conferences and allow publishing papers on scientific reviews /articles.The following are the publications :

    • Mahalaxmi Mohan, Hemant Vanjari, Shrey Srivastava. Effect of Methanolic extract of Solanum torvum on pA2 value of atropine by using Acetylcholine as agonist on rat ileum tissue preparation. Inventi Rapid: Ethnopharmacology, 2018(4), 1-4.
    • S.A. Katti, Luketa Alai, Rasika Mahale. Synthesis, Molecular docking and evaluation of antifungal activity of some benzyl benzimidazole derivatives. Der Pharma Chemica 8(4),425- 433, 2016.
    • A.P.Bhosle, Akshay Patil, Mandeep Swami. Herbosomes as a novel drug delivery system for absorption enhancement. World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 5(1), 345-355.2015
  • Poster Publications :

    • Faculty members guide our students in preparation of scientific posters and allow them to present in national conferences and Savitribai Phule Pune University sponsored Avishkar competition held at MVP Samaj‟s College of Pharmacy, Nashik and MGV‟s Pharmacy College, Panchavati, Nashik.
    • Students attended public symposium organized by "Magnum Heart Institute" on 04/11/2017.
    • Mr. Jalinder Bhutekar and Mr Ganesh Bhavar from final year was allowed to attend 2 days seminar and poster presentation on the occasion of Lonar Mahotsav at College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Buldhana.
    • Students from S.Y.B.Pharm and T.Y.B.Pharm participated in Poster presentation at two days National Level Seminar on current trends, development and advancement in Drug delivery system hosted by college, on 23/01/2018 and 24/01/2018.
    Sr. No. Name of student/s Year Topic
    1 Harish Khirnar, Shruti Kulkarni, Nakshatra Choudhari, Mrudul Deshpande, Shreya Wagh S.Y.B.Pharm Novel Delivery of Insulin
    2 Pratik Sinkar, Bhushan Mahajan T.Y.B.Pharm Nano Robotics in drug delivery

    Students of F.Y.B.Pharm and S.Y.B.Pharm participated in poster competition held during Two days National Seminar on Current trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences-24/01/2017 &25/01/2017

    Sr. No. Name of student/s Year Topic
    1 Pratik Katare F.Y.B.Pharm "Drug Coding and its applications"
    2 Lalita Joshi S.Y.B.Pharm "Advancement in Pulmonary Drug Delivery"
    3 Pavan Ahire, Nikhil Choudhari, Abhishek Ghumare, Gaurav Salunke S.Y.B.Pharm "Generic Drugs Vs Branded Drugs"
  • Model Making Competition : Students are guided in making of scientific models and charts and allowed to present them in national conference- held at SMBT College of Pharmacy, Nandi Hills, Dhamangaon. Mr.Badaan Tejas and Mr.Varshney Akansh participated in the event.
  • S.Y.B.Pharm students participated in model making competition held during National Pharmacy week (2017-18).

    Sr. No. Name of student/s Year Topic
    1 Akansh Varshey and Tejas Bhadan S. Y. B. Pharm. Model making for NPW on topic insulin release after hyperglycemia.
  • Quiz Competition : Our students were motivated to participate in quiz competition organized by MET Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences call MET- Explore and have won prizes.

    Sr. No. Name of participant Venue Event Rank / Status
    1 Mr. Vallabh Suryavanshi MET Win it in a minute (Poetry reading) Participated
    2 Mr. Vallabh Suryavanshi, Mr. Pratik Sinkar, Mr. Bhushan Mahajan MET Industrial Problem Solving First Position
    3 Ms. Lalita Joshi, Ms. Shubhangi Sukenkar, Mr. Rushikesh Patare MET Industrial Problem Solving Participated
    4 Mr. Pratik Sinkar MET Placement Practices Participated
    5 Mr. Shrey Srivastava MET Placement Practices Participated
  • College Magazine : Our college annual magazine NECTAR covers articles on various themes such as Safety, Science, Technology , Social and Community welfare,etc. The basic aim behind this is develop the scientific drafting skills among students. Many students actively participate in sketch drawing, nature photography, poetry and other soft skills. Student Editorial Board and faculty members jointly co-ordinate and take efforts in publishing annual magazine NECTAR.
  • Mini Projects:-Our students eagerly also get involved in mini projects assisted by faculty members.T.Y.B.Pharm student was assigned project on "Formulation and development of Phytosomes" by Dr.J.Y.Nehete.

    Sr. No. Name of student/s Year Topic
    1 Bhushan Mahajan T.Y.B.Pharm Formulation and development of Phytosomes
  • Avishkar Projects: Students enthusiastically participate in Avishkar projects sponsored by SPPU. Students from Final year B.pharm participated in „Avishkar‟ research competition held by Savitribai Phule Pune University in October 2015.

    Sr. No. Name of student/s Year Topic
    1 Luketa Alai,Rasika Mahale Final Yr .B.Pharm Synthesis and Evaluation of 5-chloro Benzyl Benzimidazole Derivatives as novel antifungal agents.
    2 Pooja Khairnar, Amol Pagar. Final Yr .B.Pharm Study of bactericidal activity of antibiotics against Bacterial Blight(Telya) over pomegranate.

Curriculam Related Seminars : 2017-18

Sr. No. Date Name of the resource person Topic of Seminar/Workshop/ Discussion
1 July-2017 Dr. Balaji Sitharaman Stony Brook University, New York Nanotechnology
2 Aug-2017 Mr. Ganesh S.Sharma Application Specialist Metrohm India Ltd, Mahape, Navi Mumbai Basics of pH, Karl Fischer Titration, Ion Chromatography, Polarography & Voltametry
3 Aug-2017 Dr. Vijay R. Kakatkar Ramkrishna Medical Research Center, Jai Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Nasik Osteoporosis, Physiology & Mechanism
4 Sept-2017 Dr. Satyjeet Narode Royce Pharma USA Product Development & Constructive Concept to Commercialization
5 Sept-2017 Dr. Prashant Hande Mr. Shahrukh Bharucha Anchrom, Mulund Mumbai HPTLC Technique
6 Sept-2017 Mr. R. Girijan Toshvin Analytical Pvt. Ltd ; Mumbai-400011 GC & GCMS; IR Spectroscopy,UV Spectroscopy; DSC.
7 Sept-2017 Hon. Pravin Jagtap Central Drug Inspector, Delhi Hon. Basant Yadav Central Drug Inspector,Indore Clinical Trials Regulation Enforcement on the Spurious Drugs as per Drugs and Cosmetics Act

Curriculum Related Seminars / Activities : 2016-17

Sr. No. Date Topic of Seminar/ Discussion/Activity
1 Sept-2016 Guest Lecture -Reversal of Metabolism Disorders by Dr.Pranav Shimpi.
2 Oct-2016 One day State level seminar –Recent Trends in Chromatographic Techniques
3 Dec-2016 Student participation at Avishkar-2016
4 Feb-2017 Guest Lecture- Pharmaceutical Marketing by Mr.Prashant Hiray
5 Feb-2017 Guest Lecture- Requirement for opening Medical Store.
6 Feb-2017 Guest Lecture- Enterpreneurship and Industrial Jobs.
7 Mar-2017 Guest Lecture-Gene Therapy and Tissue Engineering by Dr. Meenakshi Shriram
8 April- 2017 Guest Lecture-X-Ray Diffraction Techniques by Dr.S.G.Wakchaure

Curriculam Related Seminars : 2015-16

Sr. No. Date Resource Person Details Topic of Seminar/ Discussion/Activity
1 July-2015 Mr.Pramod Shinde, Sun Pharma Limited Baroda Preparation of GPAT/GATE Examination
2 July-2015 Mr.Milind Jadhav General Manager, Turbhe Chemicals Pvt Ltd,Turbhe,Mumbai Bridging the gap between Industry and academia
3 Aug- 2015 Dr.K.A.Suri Director Grade Assistant, Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine(IIIM) Formerly Regional Research Laboratory(RRL), Jammu India Extraction, isolation and characterisation of markers from. Important herbal plants used in single and polyherbal formulation.
4 Aug- 2015 Prin. Prof. R. Y. Patil Director, BCUD, Solapur University,Solapur Principal D.S.T.S. Mandal‟s College of Pharmacy,Solapur Basics and development in Experimental Pharmacology
5 Sept 2015 Dr.Rajendra S. Marathe Professor, Government College of Pharmacy, Aurangabad Structure elucidation by Spectroscopy
6 Oct- 2015 Mr.Milind Jadhav General Manager, Turbhe Chemicals Pvt Ltd,Turbhe,Mumbai Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Technology
7 Oct- 2015 Mr.R.Jouhri Skill Development and Placement Centre, DK Nagar ,Nasik Interview Techniques
8 Jan- 2016 Dr.P.V.Rasal Co-ordinator, SPPU Pune Personality Development
9 Mar-2016 Dr. Narhari Malgaonkar (MD,DNB) Dr.Sonali Malgaonkar (MS) Progenesis Fertility Centre, Nasik PCOS Education: For Adolescent Girls