Academic Calendar

Sr. No Month Particulars
1 June Opening of college,  Process of Admissions to  Undergraduate Classes
2 July  Display of merit lists and Admission in 1st  week . Teaching starts in 3rd Week
3 August Teaching continued for all classes . one day N.S.S. and N.C.C. camps
4 September Teaching continued with  co-curricular activities.
5 October Oral, internal  and University Examinations
6 November Winter Vacation
7 December Term-end Examination and Regular teaching from second week
8 January Regular teaching and Field trips . Participation in Various competitions viz, Debating , Elocution and Avishkar
9 February Teaching and participation in Social – Cultural activities.
10 March Internal  and  Practical Examinations in 1st and 2nd week. From 3rd week.
11 April University Examinations and Evaluation Process. Conclusion of Academic year.