About Us: "Ecxel-High International School"

Gandhiji has rightly said, “There is much potential inside, than we see in the world…….”, to unlock the super kid in every child ,we are set to provide students a healthy and inviting learning environment where they are protected from physical and emotional harm which is central to the mission of our school . Student motivation and engagement play an important role in learning and academic achievement. Mahatma Gandhi Vidhyamandir’s, Nashik is dedicated to the nation, as we believe education is not the preparation of life, education if life itself.

School education is the first environment outside the home where a child learns to interact with others. Therefore, it is very important for the school environment to be as comfortable and friendly as possible. We hold a strong conviction that happy pupils will not only learn more, but will develop the ability to face life’s challenges with confidence and positive attitude.

An academically rigorous curriculum complemented with a vibrant extra-curricular programme forming a broad and lively educational experience. We measure education not only through academic performance but also through the overall success and satisfaction of the individual. Our holistic approach aims to develop children to excel in all aspects of life – socially, psychologically and materially. The methodology promotes cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth, thus leading to an education that is complete.

Students are encouraged to broaden their vision and deepen their roots by appreciating their own cultural heritage as well as that of other nations. By combining formal education with life skills and nurturing human values (such as friendliness, compassion, caring and sharing), teachers create a holistic environment conducive to learning. When the focus is not just academic, but all-round development of the child, children learn how to handle their emotions and are also able to develop lateral skills required to cope with different challenges in life.

To sum up, with the aims of the school curriculum as the guideline, along with adequate consideration of our students’ particular needs and their parents’ expectations, the school defines its targets of cultivating the students in six domains including physical, emotional, moral, intellectual, arts, and modern leadership development. To ensure the achievement of these aims, the school has set up comprehensive all-round development curriculum. We are confident that together with the teachers’ effective education, the programs will help to place solid foundation for our children to gain lifelong development skills and wisdom.

“To Me, EDUCATION Is A Leading Out Of What Is Already There In The PUPIL’S Soul”


"We Will Open World Of Knowledge For Your Child"