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Soil Science

H. H. Sri. Sri. Muralidhara Swamiji Horticulture college has been entrusted with the major responsibilities of teaching and extension in the field of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry specifically in the jurisdiction of Malegaon region.

Agricultural Engineering

The Department of Agricultural Engineering Was established in the year of 2013 (H. H. S. S. Murlidhara Swamiji College of Horticulture, Malegaon.) affiliated by Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth Rahuri to coordinate and strengthen teaching, research and extension activities in Agril. Engg. and allied area. Following are the aims and objectives:
>> To offer education in precision machinery, advance irrigation and the related aspect keeping in view of the changing scenario in horticultural and allied subjects.
>> Development of precision machinery and strategies for carrying out timely and efficient agricultural operations in irrigated, rain-fed and hill agriculture, horticulture.
>> Increasing work efficiency for human, animal and mechanical systems and reduction of occupational hazards in agricultural operations.


Soil Science:Prof.Deepika Bajirao Nagare M. Sc. Agri. (Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry)
Agricultural Engineering :- ER. THOMBRE A. V. (B.Tech Agril. Engg.)

Soil Science Courses

Sr.No.Course No.Course Title Credits Semesters
1 H/SSAC-111 Fundamental of Soil Science 1+1=2 I
2 H/BIOCHEM-111 Elementary Plant Biochemistry 1+1=2 I
3 H/SSAC-122 Soil- Fertility and Nutrient Management 1+1=2 II
4 H/SSAC-243 Soil, Water and Plant analysis 1+1=2 IV

Agricultural Engineering Courses

Sr. No.Course Code Course Title Credit Semester
1 H/ENGG-121 Water Management in Horticultural Crops (1+1)=2 II
2 H/ENGG-362 Farm Machinery and Power Engineering (2+1)=3 VI
3 H/MATH-111 Mathematics ( Deficiency Course ) (1+1)=2 I
4 H/STAT-111 Elementary Statistics and Computer Application (2+1)=3 I

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