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Agriculture Extension

In this context, Extension Education department of the College of Horticulture, Malegaon was established in 2013-14. Now from 2019-20 the section is renamed as Agricultural Extension and Communication Section. The agricultural extension subject is incorporated in agriculture education for all round development of students. It helps the students to use democratic methods in educating the farmers and helps in studying and solving the rural problems. Besides this agricultural extension helps:
• To increase farm yields of farming community,
• To bring about all- round development of rural people,
• To raise the standard of living of rural people and
• To increase the facilities for social, cultural and entertainment programmes for rural people.

Agricultural Economics

Economics is the study of how people allocate scarce resources for production, distribution and consumption both individually and collectively. The department of economics is especially concerned with efficiency in production and exchange and assumption to understand how to create incentives and policies that will maximize efficiency.
The department of Agriculture economics has been making contribution in basic and applied research in the field of production and economics , Agricultural / Horticultural marketing and trades and natural resource management.


Agriculture Extension:-Dr. Vaishali Digambar Pagar- M.Sc. (Agri.) Ph.D., Agril. Extn.
Agricultural Economics :-

Agriculture Extension Courses

Sr. No.Course Code Course Title Theory Practical Total
1 DEG-111 Democracy, Election and Good Governance 1 0 1
2 H/EXTN-231 Fundamentals Of Extension Education 1 1 2
3 H/EXTN-352 Communication Skill and Personality Development 1 1 2
4 H/EXTN-363 Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management 1 1 2
5 RHWE EXTN-471 Extension education & Rural Sociology 0 1 1
6 IND (H)-474 Extension education & Rural Sociology 0 1 1
Total 09

Agricultural Economics Courses

Sr.No Agricultural Economics Credit Sem
1 Economics and Marketing (2+1)=3 I
2 Horti Business Management (2+0)=2 VI
Total 3+2=5

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