Our Alumni

          Our Alumni is our greatest asset. The integrity of any college is bound with the alumni as they are the ones who spread word about the institution and the management, to the upcoming intellects to establish their foundation of knowledge. We are proud in our alumni over the past years for being devoted to our institution and spreading generous words about the institutions standard in teaching, organization support and equal support for sports and extra-curricular activities in order to make the students outshine in various aspects of interest.

We have an officially registered Alumni Association

          It functions as a nodal agency for maintaining liaison with the alumni and to involve them in the development and growth of the institution. It promotes and encourage the alumni to exchange professional knowledge by undertaking seminars, lectures and meetings amongst alumni, students, faculty and others. Continuous interaction with our Alumni widens the placement opportunities of the students. Alumni .meet is being organized every year as a calendar event to bring the alumni of various department to celebrate their memories with college and contribute back wisely for the college through support in placement, career guidance for the present students. Our Student Alumni Relations Cell works towards achieving a meaningful relationship between the Alumni and the institution. The students being the most important part of the institute becomes alumni and the most important long term stakeholder.
Our Alumni have been placed at very top class positions in pharmaceutical industries and in society.

1 Dr Sanjay Anantwar Associate Professor NDMVP’S, College of Pharmacy,NasikNashik
2 Mr Sanjay Kholambe Research Scientist Sun Pharma, Baroda
3 Mr Yatish Rajdarekar Officer QA Bharat Serum and Vaccines Ltd,Mumbai
4 Mr Vijaj Gadakh Director NDMVPNashik
5 Mr Hansraj Patil Tahsildar Collector Office,Nashik
6 Mr Vijay Patil Proprietor Bhushan Medical,Nasik
7 Mr Hemant Pathak Proprietor Nasik
8 Mr Arun Pawar Medical Representative Nasik
9 Dr Nitin Hire Principal NDMVP’S, AITS,Nasik
10 Dr Rushikesh Bachhav Doctor Nashik
11 Dr Amrut Sonawane Doctor Nashik
12 Mrs Sonika Balchand Deore Lecturer MCOP,Nasik
13 Ms Renuka Vivek Joshi Service Glenmark
14 Mr Saurabh Sumant Khare Research Scientist Alembic
15 Mr Ghanasham Patel Proprietor Reliance
16 Mr Ravindra Bhambre Proprietor Nasik
17 Mr Dilip Laddha Proprietor,Land Developer
18 Mr Shashikant Kulkarni President of Pharmacist Forum, Aurangabad Aurangabad
19 Mr.Sanjay Ambadas Banker Zilla Parishad Member,Yeola Yeola
20 Mr Kishore Marathe Q A Chemist Glaxo Smithkline
21 Mr Premnivas Gupta Proprietor Pune
22 Mr Sunil Gupta Deputy Manager Mylan Laboratories
23 Mr Hemraj Pawar Assistant General Manager Apollo diagnostic and health care
24 Mrs Sarla Asawa Doctor Niphad
25 Dr Tushar Raut Asstt Manager Mylan Laboratories
26 Mr Mayur Maniyar Proprietor Gunwant Medical
27 Mr Neelesh Kothari Proprietor Neelesh Medical