The most appealing factor of an educational institution is the fresh vibe around it and its advanced infrastructure, aimed towards providing a proper atmosphere for an outstanding growth.

             Infrastructure is an essential component of any institution and paves the way to educational enrichment by opening up infinite possibilities. The spirit of Learning depends on the atmosphere built up around the campus.

             We have well equipped state-of-the art infrastructure imparted through facilities like a Library rich in quality books, well-maintained Labs, Excellent equipments, Spacious Classrooms and Seminar Hall, Auditorium, Reading room, Creativity Zone, etc.

              Latest technology and equipment enhance the experience of learning in our college.

             Sport is an immensely important field that deserves support and promotion. The well-built courts for basketball, volleyball, badminton, cricket etc. inside our campus tend to make it more rewarding for students to pursue a career in Sports and make our institution proud of their endeavors and achievements.

         A Green & Clean Campus creates best minds! The clean and well-maintained infrastructure facilities make the best of educational experience in MGVS,Diploma pharmacy college.