Student Council:

The Details of the Student´s Council is as follows -: (Year : 2015-16)
Sr.No Name Designation
1 Dr. P. B. Suryawanshi (Director) Chairperson
2 Nilesh P. Awari (Lecturer) Nominated By Director Student Welfare Officer
3 Jayesh Deo (MBA-II) Nominated By Director University & Sports Representative
4 Ashwini Somwanshi(MBA-II, Div.-A) Class Representative
5 Vaishali Gite (MBA-II, Div.-B) Class Representative
6 Pratik Parikh (MBA-I, Div.-A) Class Representative
7 Ankit Gujarathi(MBA-I, Div.-B) Class Representative
8 Rutuja Dhadival(MBA-II) Nominated By Director Ladies Representative
9 Dipali Pawar (MBA-I) Nominated By Director Ladies Representative
10 Jayesh Chandankar(MBA-II) Nominated By Director Cultural Activities Representative

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