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 About Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir

     Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir, Malegaon Camp owes its existence to the inspiration, pioneering work and farsightedness of its founder member, H'ble Late KarmaveerBhausaheb Hiray, a staunch freedom fighter, one of the pioneers of forming of Maharashtra state and co-operative movement in Nashik District, an educationist and Ex-Revenue minister of then Bombay province. He has founded the two well-known educational institutions in Nashik District, namely "AdivasiSevaSamiti" in 1945 and "Mahatma Gandhi Vidyamandir" in 1952. The major objective of these institutions was to provide the educational facilities to the masses from all the spheres, urban, rural and tribal. In 1959, he started a senior college at Malegaon. This gave a great boost to all the students in the North Maharashtra to achieve higher education goals.

     The devotional motto of the institution is "BahujanaHitayBahujanaSukhay". The institution has been registered under society's Registration Act-1860. (No.2766 of 1951-52 dated 21-02-1952) and Bombay Public Trust Act-1950 (NO F-27 dated 23-08-1954).

   After the sad demise of KarmaveerBhausaheb Hiray, on 6th November 1961, his elder son Lokenete Vyankatrao Hiray took over the responsibility of the institutions. Under his efforts and guidance. M. G. Vidyamandir started other colleges imparting higher education in the faculties of Arts, Science, Commerce, Law, Pharmacy and Education at Malegaon and later on at Manmad, Yeola, Nashik and Nampur. After his unfortunate and untimely demise in the year 1980, his wife Smt. Pushpatai Hiray devoted her services for the continuance of the work. The institution started new colleges at Harsul and Surgana- the remote tribal areas and a Women's college at Malegaon, and a college at Saundane.

    Today M. G. Vidyamandiris progressing under the able leadership of the General Secretary, Hon'ble Shri. Prashantdada Hiray, the former Minister of state for Transport. He has also established professional colleges such as Dental Colleges and Hospital, extension of college of pharmacy, Institution of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Institution of Management and Research (M.B.A) etc, to widen the scope of career selection and to satisfy the growing demands for professional courses in urban areas. His main aim is to enhance the quality of education, right from primary to higher education. His son Hon'ble.Shri. Aapoorva Hiray has also actively involved himself as a co-ordinator, (M. G. Vidyamandir) in enhancing the quality education in the era of competitive globalization through his dedicated efforts. Presently 87 educational units ranging from primary to post graduate and from traditional education to current disciplines such as Computer Management, Health Sciences, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Hotel Management etc. are managed by the Trust.

 About L.V.H. (Lokenete Vyankatrao Hiray) English Medium School, Malegaon (M.S.B.S.E.)

We believe that...
1. The child is the pivot of all our programmes and policies. There is no place for any form of corporal punishment. We affirm the importance of personality, identity and individuality of every child.

2. The -School endeavors to inculcate in each child, the pride of being an Indian, and love for the cultural heritage of India. Our aim is to inspire our children to respect the national traditions, values and ideals.

3. Every child can develop fully, only if he/ she is proficient in his/ her mother tongue. Though the medium of instruction is English, the mother tongue of the child is given much importance to enable him/ her to understand and appreciate the ethnic culture of the state and nation.

4. All efforts are made to establish an open environment in the school administration. A strong and active Management, parents and our alumni strengthen the hands of the authorities in motivating and inspiring the staff and students alike.

5. The faculty of the school has academic freedom to function effectively. Regular in- service teacher’s training programmes orient the staff with the most modern techniques in the field of education.

Our educational programme is constantly monitored and improved. The facilities are being further developed. The objective is to enable the students not only to gain entry to reputed institutions but to understand how the skills gained can be used for future studies, career making and above all to become a good human being.


Message from the General Secretary

The renowned psychologist Carl Jung said, “Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” We stand on the threshold of a new beginning, having covered a quarter of a century in the endeavour to create independent thinking, creative and sensitive individuals, who will serve as torch bearers to further ignite many more minds and create a world, painted with love, beauty and happiness.

Our strength lies in the four core values on which our school stands and each day, each year, we resurrect these values into the heart and mind of every student of LVH. In the coming years, we will continue to be ignited with the value of ‘Pride in one’s heritage’ and nurture our heritage with care, responsibility and a deep sense of dignity. Understanding the various facets of our country, and taking pride in its uniqueness, will continue to drive us.

Excellence is an attitude. We place high value on the ‘Pursuit of excellence’ and will continue to inculcate in our children the right outlook to not run after success but to chase excellence, in any and everything that they do. Sports, Art or Academics, the mantra that they need to follow is that they have to be better than what they were yesterday.

I foresee a world, through our school and its pupils, which values ‘Sensitivity’. Respecting differences and valuing every individual for what he or she is, is how we will create a community which is free from the shackles of ego and hatred. Compassion for others, for nature and how it serves us, and welcoming individual differences is, and will be, the mainstay of our school.