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Rules & Regulation :


>   Attendance on the first day of school after any vacation is compulsory.

>  Any communication from the parents shall be entered only on the page provided for the parents in the calendar.

>  Instructions/Notices sent by the teacher or the Head of the School must be acknowledged by the parent and shown to the class teacher on the following day by the pupil.

>  Gift or any demonstration to the teacher by the pupil on any occasion is strictly forbidden.

>  Pupils must not carry any valuable articles or money to school as school authorities will not be responsible for the loss of the same.

>  Any damage caused to the school property by the pupil shall be viewed seriously and may result in termination of the pupil from school besides recovery of monetary compensation from the parents.

>  Pupils must not leave the school premises earlier than schedule without permission from the Head of the School.

>  Pupils must take proper care of the Progress Card issued after every examination. If it is found to be in improper condition a new card will be issued after recovering monetary compensation.

>  Pupils must carry their calendars and Identity card daily to school.

>  Pupils coming late to school without genuine reasons shall not be allowed to attend the school.

Parental Co-Operation :

 ü Parents must note that the school authorities shall not be responsible for the pupils before and after instructional hours.

 ü Parents/Guradian or any other persons are not allowed to meet the teachers or pupils during the instructional hours.

 ü Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline and by taking general interest in their ward’s progress.

 ü Any change in residential address or telephone number shall be communicated to the school authorities immediately in writing by the parents / guardians.

 ü Parents are expected to co-operate in the work of the school by enforcing regularity and discipline and by taking general interest in their ward’s progress.

 ü When communicate with the school authorities,parents are requested to mention the standard, division, name and Gen. Register No. of the ward, along with their own name in writing.

 ü Parents must note that private tuitions are discouraged, especially our school teachers are not allowed to give tuitions  to pupils who are being taught by them.

 ü Parents must attend the open house days along with their wards to see the results.

Parent Teacher Association

Parents are the back bone of any educational system. It is they who are the architect of solid and meaningful base for, successful functioning of school. To have free interaction with them parent- teacher’s meeting are held frequently. The P.T.A. Executive Body is actively involved in the progress of the school. Its members work in close coordination with the school authorities and render invaluable cooperation. They meet from time to time to render their unconditional support in organizing various school functions such as Annual Day, Sports Day, Teachers' Day, etc. The management, staff and the P.T.A. Executive Body work as a team to provide number of avenues to children for their holistic development.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings are held regularly to update parents on the performance of their wards and to strengthen the bond between the school and the guardians. Catering to the convenience of parents, the school provides web enabled communication about upcoming events, syllabus, examination etc. The unique APP/ SMS system stands for instant and hassle-free communication between the school and parents.