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Our Students ....

Inquirers Their natural curiosity has been nurtured. They have acquired the skills necessary to conduct purposeful, constructive research. They actively enjoy learning, and their love of learning will be sustained throughout their lives.

Thinkers They exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to make sound decisions and to solve complex problems.

Communicators They receive and express ideas and information confidently in more than one language, including the language of mathematical symbols.

Risk-takers They approach unfamiliar situations without anxiety and have the confidence and independence of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and strategies. They are courageous and articulate in defending those things in which they believe.

Knowledgeable They have spent time in our schools exploring themes which have global relevance and importance. In doing so, they have acquired a critical mass of significant knowledge.

Principled They have a sound grasp of the principles of moral reasoning. They have integrity, honesty and a sense of fairness and justice.

Caring They show sensitivity towards the needs and feelings of others. They have a sense of personal commitment to action and service

Open-minded They respect the views, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures, and are accustomed to seeking and considering a range of points of view.

Well-balanced They understand the importance of physical and mental balance and personal well-being

Reflective They give thoughtful consideration to their own learning and analyze their personal strengths and weaknesses in a constructive manner.

 Rules and Regulation

 The Code of conduct for Students:

  • Attendance and punctuality on all school functions deemed obligatory for them.
  • They must show respect to the teachers and carry out their instructions most faithfully.
  • They must not loiter in their vacant periods and must not use vulgar or abusive language.
  • They must be friendly and courteous to all visitor, strangers and polite to each other.
  • They must maintain cleanliness by making proper use of dustbin provided at various places in the school campus, in each classrooms and toilets.
  • They cannot shout or whistle in the school premises. Damaging school property, disfiguring the furniture or writing on the walls or defacing the walls with pencils or knife marks is strictly forbidden. Any damage done to school property is recoverable from the defaulters.
  • Students are advised not to bring costly articles to school and practice any borrowing /lending or exchange the articles.
  • They should deposit unclaimed articles found in the school with their class teachers.
  • Students who come to school under the care of their escorts should never leave the school before the escort arrives. Parents are responsible to ensure that their wards are dropped to and picked up from the school or van points in time.
  • The school is judged by the conduct of students so they must possess exemplary manners and behave in a dignified manner. They are expected to greet their teachers and elders whenever they meet them and should observe good manners wherever they are.
  • Group or individuals play in the classrooms or school corridor is strictly prohibited.
  • No student is allowed to leave the school or meet outdoor /ex-students during school hours without permission.
  • Student found guilty of misconduct and indiscipline shall be liable to heavy punishment in form of fine, debarred from appearing in unit test/examinations and even expulsion from school, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

 Eligibility to appear in the examination :

  • To be eligible to appear in the annual examination a student must ensure at least 75% attendance of the total lesson delivered in each subject.
  • A student must ensure satisfactory behavior in and outside the classroom throughout his/her stay in the school.
  • A student must ensure regular homework to the entire satisfaction of the subject teacher.
  • A student who fails to score at least the minimum qualifying marks laid down by the school, will not be eligible to appear in the examination .
  • A clearance certificate from the school must clearly state that he has paid all school dues.


The school is quite alive to its responsibility of inculcating leadership qualities among the students. The students are trained to shoulder positions of responsibility. There are school appointments, house appointments, class appointments etc. The class monitors perform duties assigned to them by the class teachers. School prefects and House prefects work in the various school committees, hold periodical meetings and suggest the Principal about the welfare measures to be taken for the student Community. The Head Boy, The Head Girl, the Team and Team Captains and the other prefects are appointed by the Principal amongst those who show qualities of leadership and command a great deal of respect from their fellow students, and form a very valuable part of the school community.