I Arts Commerce & Science College, Manmad

Department of Physical Education and Sports

Our Vision

We are committed to meet all the physical and mental health and fitness needs required for the all round development of personality of the students and to have a transformative impact through diverse programmers that inspire leadership, teamwork, wellness, and resilience and offer students, staff and faculty the opportunities to develop the intellect, ethics, moral and character needed to lead a meaningful life in the society.

Our Aim

To provide skilled Leadership and adequate facilities, which afford an opportunity for the every student to act in situations which are physically, mentally, stimulating, satisfying and socially sound.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to promote and foster sports and physical culture of high quality through proper training and coaching, serve the needs of the society by encouraging, generating and promoting excellence in sports performance, research and extensive activities in the field of various Games and Sports.

The College Gymkhana Provides, at present, for the following games and sports on the premises of the college.

Outstanding Performer of Our College
Sr.No. Name of student Class Event Achievement
01 Prajakta Khalkar SYBSc Weightlifting 02 Gold Medal in Khelo India at Asam & Bhuvaneshwar., Gold Medal in All India Inter University at Tirunavalli, Represented for Sr.National at Kolkatta.
02 Nikita Kale SYBA Weightlifting Represented for International level., 02 Silver Medal in Khelo India at Asam & Bhuvaneshwar., Bronze Medal in All India Inter University at Tirunavalli.,Represented for Sr.National at Kolkatta
03 Karuna Gadhe FYBA Weightlifting Bronze Medal In Khelo India at Asam., Bronze medal in Open National at Patana.
04 Nutan Darade SYBA Weightlifting Represented in Khelo India at Asam., Represented in AIU at Tirunavalli., Represented in UGC Khelo India held at Orisa.
All India Inter University / National Participation
Sr.No. Name Class Year Sport
01 Prajakta Khalkar FYBSc 2017-18 Weightlifting
02 Sagar Bagul TYBCom 2017-18 Athletics
03 Sakshi Pande FYBA 2018-19 Weightlifting
04 Pooja Pardeshi FYBSc 2018-19 Weightlifting
05 Nutan Darade FYBA 2018-19 Weightlifting
06 Nikita Kale FYBA 2018-19 Weightlifting
07 Prajakta Khalkar FYBSc 2018-19 Weightlifting
08 Nikita Kale SYBA 2019-20 Weightlifting
09 Karuna Gadhe FYBA 2019-20 Weightlifting
10 Nutan Darade SYBA 2019-20 Weightlifting
11 Sakshi Pande FYBSc 2019-20 Weightlifting
12 Pooja Pardeshi SYBSc 2019-20 Weightlifting
13 Prajakta Khalkar SYBSc 2019-20 Weightlifting
14 Khushali Gangurde FYBA 2019-20 Weightlifting
Khelo India Participated student
Sr.No. Name Sport
01 Prajakta Khalkar Weightlifting
02 Nikita Kale Weightlifting
03 Karuna Gadhe Weightlifting
04 Nutan Darade Weightlifting
05 Pooja Pardeshi Weightlifting
05 Khushali Gangurde Weightlifting