About Us

College is affiliated to Pune University and inculcates the sense of commitment among its students towards the development of society for a better tomorrow.

B. Sc. Computer Science was the first course started, followed by other professional & Management courses. In the year 2007-08, college has started B.C.A. in 2008-09 B.B.A. & M.C.M. and in 2009-10 M. Sc. Computer Science, B.B.M. and Bachelor in Fine Arts.

"College has highly qualified and trained staff enriched with academic experience and records in improving the competitive efficiency of students which build all round personality."

In the near future, college will propose to start certified courses, Master in Computer Application (MCA) and other Diploma Courses.

The Panchavati college of management and computer science was established in March 2001. It is a teaching department that aims at providing quality education in computer science. The Department of Computer Science runs two courses viz. B.Sc. (Computer Science) and M.Sc(Computer Science).

In a very short span of time department has earned lot of reputation and popularity for providing latest quality education and fulfilling growing needs for the skilled professionals, of the ever changing Software Industry and the IT world .

Department consist of well-equipped laboratories for separate computing platforms, enabling the students to work with different environment.

Enough laboratory time is made available to the students for maximum utilization of the computing facilities. Our main strength is highly qualified & experienced faculty members, who are very enthusiastic in learning new technologies and updating their skill sets. Faculty members are always ready to guide students apart from regular teaching hours and maintaining the disciplined behavior in the college.

The department not only provides the IT professionals but apart from regular studies, we cultivate the virtues of discipline, high Moral values, Competitiveness & Team spirit in our students, which leads to the overall personality development of the students.

The College has started B.C.A in 2007-2008, B.B.A and M.C.M. in 2008-2009 and M. Sc.(Computer Science), B.B.M & Bachelor in Fine Art fromk academic year 2009-2010.

Currently 520 students are taking advantade of davance infrastructure & facilities by the college . The college ensures an excellent academic record to prove the competitive efficiency students and to enrich their all round personality development in ther modern world of 21st century.

Goals & Objectives

The college will continually strive to provide high quality teaching and learning to the students at U.G. & P.G. Level.

The college will maintain its position, stressing the benefits that will be available to the society.

To inculcate knowledge by promoting innovative educational skill based activities.

The college will strive to generate moral values in society and its students in particular to create a harmonious community and develop the students as a world class citizen.

The college will ensure that general education courses enable students to develop leadership qualities, critical thinking and problem solving skills, values and ethical standards and research aptitude.

Our Mission

To reach out to the poor‚ needy downtrodden‚ segregated and deprived‚ to uplift them by giving new directions‚ heights and aspirations through education.

Our Vision

Bahujan Hitay‚ Bahujan Sukhay‚ the Path Shown by our founder father‚ Late Karmaveer Bhausaheb Hiray‚ a Great Educationist‚ Motivates us to Strive for academic Excellence by Exploring the Potentialities of economically weaker Sections of the Society by providing them opportunities to face Global challenges.


  • To impart quality and value based education to the students
  • To strive for leadership qualities and scientific temperament
  • To encourage innovations in teaching‚ learning and extension activities
  • To empower girl students through education to become morally‚ socially and economically independent
  • To promote national integrity‚ equality and social justice among students

Salient Features Of the College

  • Idyllic landscape
  • Affiliated to S. P. Pune University
  • Re-Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade
  • Qualified & Experienced Teaching Staff
  • Excellent Academic Result & Good Academic Environment
  • Well Equipped Laboratories
  • Good Classrooms
  • Rich Library
  • Excellent Playground & Gymnasium
  • Exposure to various Co-Curricular and Cultural Activities

Programme Outcomes

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