B.Sc.(comp. sci.) [Bachelor of computer science]

• F.Y. BSc.(Comp. Sci.)

Sr. No. Subject (Annual Pattern) Sr. No. Subject (Annual Pattern) Sr. No. Subject (Annual Pattern)
1. MTC -101 Discrete Mathematics 6. STC -103 Practical of statistics 11. CS-102 File Organization and Fundament al of Databases
2. MTC -102 Algebra and Calculus 7. ELC-101 Principles of Analog Electronics 12. CS-103 Computer Science Practical Paper I
3. MTC- 103 Practical of Mathematics 8. ELC-102 Principles of Digital Electronics 13. CS-104 Computer Science Practical Paper II
4. STC- 101 Statistical Methods I 9. ELC-103 Practical of Electronics    
5. STC- 102 Statistical Methods II 10. CS-101 Problem Solving Using Computers and 'C' Programming    

S.Y. BSc.(Comp. Sci.)

Sr. No. Subject (Semester – I) Sr. No. Subject (Semester – I) Sr. No. Subject (Semester –II) Sr. No. Subject (Semester –II)
1. CS-211 Data Structures using ‘C’ 7. EN-211 Technical English 1. CS-221 Object Oriented Concepts using C++ 7. EN-221 Technical English
2. CS-212 Relational Database Management System     2. CS-222 Software Engineeri ng 8. Paper- Environment Awareness>
3. ELC -211 Digital System Hardware     3. ELC 221 The 8051 Architecture, Interfacing & Programming    
4. ELC -212 Analog Systems     4. ELC 222 Communication Principles    
5. MTC -211 Applied Algebra     5. MTC-221 Computational Geometry>    
6. MTC-212 Numerical Analysis     6.

MTC-222 Operations Research


T.Y. BSc.(Comp. Sci.)

Sr.No. Subject Offered for Semester III Sr.No. Subject Offered for Semester III& IV
1. CS-331: Paper-I: Systems Programming 6. CS-336:Paper-VI: Object Oriented Software Engineering 1. CS-341:Paper-I: Operating System 6. CS-346:Paper-VI: Computer Graphics
2. CS-332:Paper-II: Theoretical Computer Science     2. CS-342:Paper-II: Compiler Construction   --
3. CS-333:Paper-III:Computer Networks-I     3. CS-343:Paper-III: Computer Networks-II   --
4. CS-334:Paper-IV: Internet programming-I     4. CS-344:Paper-IV: Internet programming-II   --
5. CS-335:Paper-V: Programming in Java-I     5. CS-345:Paper-V: Programming in Java-II

Laboratory Courses For Semester II :

CS- 223 Data structures Practicals and C++ Practicals

CS -224 Database Practicals & Mini Project using Software Engineeri ng techniques

ELC -203 Practical of Electronics

MTC-223 Practical of Mathematics

• Laboratory Courses For Semester IV :

CS-347: Lab Course-I: System Programming and Operating System .

CS-348: Lab Course-II: Programming in Java and PHP .

CS-349: Lab Course-III: Project (Using Java or PHP) It creates the awareness about the computer application.

• Eligibility

A candidate for being eligible for admission to the Degree course in Bachelor in Computer Science shall have passed 12th std. Examination (H.S.C 10 + 2) from Science stream with Maths as passing subject.

Students from other college affiliated to the University of pane will seek admission directly; however they will have to obtain “Transfer Certificate’ from the previous attended college.

Student migrating from other university of Maharashtra and out of Maharashtra should apply in the prescribe from for Eligibility Certificate with necessary fees.

All the fresh admission shall be provisional and will be confirmed after the receipt of Eligibility Certificate from University of Pune.

Social projects inculcate the student's responsibilities towards the society and environment.

First year student will have to undergo for compulsory medical examination.


The Course shall be a full time course and the duration of the course shall be of tree years divided into four Semester.


F.Y. 80+80 160 Seats
S.Y. 80+80 160 Seats
T.Y. 80+80 160 Seats

Fee structure

As per University Norms.