Alumni Activities

Entrepreneurship Cell

College has an entrepreneurship development cell which works in coordination with MGV’s Alumni association in arranging workshops, guest lectures and industry interaction. It also creates entrepreneurship awareness in students in order to make them potential entrepreneur.

The main objective of the entrepreneurship cell is to create awareness, the growing need to be an entrepreneur and to develop a forum for potential entrepreneurs.

MGV’s trust is entirely focused on to exploring job opportunities and training students accordingly. The college has arranged skill development program Mahindra pride classroom employability enhancing skilling project (in association with Nandi Foundation) 45 days workshop for Final Year B. Pharm and M. Pharm students in grooming their entrepreneurship skills. The highlights of the workshop includes :

• Building self esteem

• Helping students to understand basic grammar.

• Confidence building during presentation either alone or in group.

• Preparing students for the real world

a) Basic tips on intellectual skills.

b) Basic knowledge on money matter.

While celebrating silver jubilee year, MGV’s Alumni member who are potential entrepreneurs of various sectors such as industries, wholesale and medical shops have been invited to discuss various opportunities and challenges as an entrepreneur.

They have motivated our students in guiding them in planning process, exploring them to identify the risk in business, develop innovative skills and their applications in the changing market scenario.

Mr. Sachin S Birari
Topic : Generic Medicine: Past, Present & Future in India
Mr. Sachin Tadge
Topic : Pharmacovigilance

List of Guest Lectures from MGV’s Alumni Entrepreneur Cell

Date Topic and subject Resource Person & address Students present
23/09/17 Opportunities and Challenges as Entrepreneur in Pharmaceutical Industry Hon. Abhijit Motiwale, Director, McW Healthcare Pvt. Ltd Final B.pharm and M.Pharm
01/02/18 Unconventional Job Opportunities Available For Pharma/Science Graduates In Different Fields Mr.RohanPawar, RAP Analytical, Research & Training, Centre, Nashik Final B.pharm
22/09/17 Generic Medicine: Past, Current & Future in India Mr. Sachin S Birari, Founder & Director, Generilife Pvt ltd, Nasik F.Y. B.Pharm

Impact of Entrepreneur Cell Alumni with industrial and wholesaler background

Sr. No. Alumni Name (Enterpreneur) Industry/Wholesale shop Place
1 Mr. Milind Katariya Reve Pharma Pvt Limited Sinnar
2 Mr. Tushar Mahajan Nuevo pharma Pvt Limited Nashik
3 Dr. Parag Saudagar S K BiobizPVt limited Nashik
4 Mr. DeelipRasal Scinnova Therapeutics Nashik
5 Mr. Neeraj Agrawal Vedshreeayurved Nashik
6 Dr. Rohan Pawar RAP Analytical Pvt. Limited Nashik
7 Mr. Prathamesh Pathak Nagajurna Ayurved Nashik
8 Mr. Prashant Bedse TriveniHospicare Nashik
9 Mr. Pravin Jain Arihant Pharma Nandurbar
10 Ms. Anjali Katariya Reve Pharma Pvt Limited Sinnar